Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty

And so it Begins...

On a cold Sunday night they met at the Inn at the Crossroads. Ser Joshua arrived to find that Ser Isaac, Ser Donny, Ser Jeremy and Lady Sarah had arrived before him. As they awaited Ser Brian, they discovered that their House was located in the rich Westerlands, their Liege Lord: Tywin Lannister.

Ser Brian rode as quickly as he could, whilst the others drank of ale and sugar’d drinks, eating of grilled cow, rings of onion, salad and bruschetta. He arrived as they supped, and once their plates were cleared by their serving wench they began to learn more of their House.

The brave adventurers soon discovered that their House truly had its strengths and weaknesses. They were fortunate to have expansive lands, which consisted of hills and contained road, a small town and a coast, but their defenses left much to be desired. They lived in a Hall in a near lawless land with a low population, but their power seemed enough to keep themselves safe at least. Their influence and wealth were great, which bolstered their spirits.

As the adventurers continued to drink under the roof of the inn, they delved deeper into the history of their House. They discovered that they belonged to an Old House, established in the Age of Valyria during the time of the Rhoynar Invasion. A dusty and crumbling tome bearing the now faded family Coat of Arms had this to say of their history:

“During the Age of Valyria around ca.-700, ravens carried news of the continued expansion of the Valyrian Freehold, now conquering the Rhoynish cities along the Rhoynar river, to the Kings and Lords of the realms of Westeros. An army, a quarter-million strong, had been easily felled by the invading Valyrains. This news particularly alarmed Mad Lord Barrax of the Westerlands, who in his madness sent a vast army to scour the realm for Valyrian spies and the majority of his fleet down the Sunset Sea, presumably to engage the Valyrians in an attempt to keep them from invading Westeros. With his army scattered across the realm, and his fleet out sailing to certain doom, a new family slipped in largely unnoticed and easily conquered the lands of Mad Lord Barrax and put him to the sword. They established themselves on their new land and procliamed themselves the new ruling House.”

Captivated by the news of their House’s founding, they read on…

“Soon after their founding on the former lands of Mad Lord Barrax, what remained of the army the Mad Lord had sent to scour the realm returned to find new banners flying where their former Lord’s had. Their captain parlayed with the new Lord and did not like what he discovered. Cursing his new Lord’s House as a band of dishonorable cutthroats, he returned to his army and lead a revolt. Eventually the revolt was quelled, but not without significant losses to the newly established House.”

The brave adventurers discovered one final piece of history amongst the crumbling pages of the tome, and were surprised to discover that the ancient text included such a recent piece of history…

“282 AL. As House Lannister sent a host of troops from Casterly Rock to King’s Landing during the War of the Usurper, so did they. Knowing of the Lannister plot to win Robert Baratheon the Iron Throne, they added their own troops to the Lannister host that stormed King’s Landing. As a result of their decision to rebel against the ruling Targaryens, and the expression of their loyalty to their Liege Lord through the dedication of troops to the cause, they gained the favor of their Liege Lord, Tywin Lannister.”

As the brave adventurers prepared to go their separate ways they knew that they still had to uncover the depth of their Power and Wealth, as well as their family’s Coat of Arms and the specific members of their family, but they would need to research that at another time…



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