Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty

Dark Accusations

With room and board paid for and their horses stabled, the party stood together, plotting their first move in the sea of suspicion. With Gilligan leaning on his shoulder, Ser Kai brought him to a room so that he could sleep off his drunkenness in peace. Upon his return the party had decided that Septa Demissus, being a pious woman of the Seven, would be the best person to inquire as to the situation. She approached Meg Moleskin, who didn’t appear to be too busy at the moment, and asked her about the recent rumors, turning on her charm.

“Excuse me madam Moleskin, might I ask what the latest rumors are around here?” Meg, who had eyed the entire party warily upon their arrival, softened at her charms and answered willingly. “Well, the ‘ole lot o’ this place believe you t’ be the ones who slaughtered all them poor farmers, an’ the women an’ children too, aye.” Septa Demissus nodded her head slightly, acknowledging her answer as one they had discerned in the few short moments since their arrival. “Why is it that people believe we were responsible? How did this news reach the inn and by whom were these rumors spread?” Meg pondered the questions a moment before answering. “Well let me see ‘ere…it was that Dannett boy, Adham. ‘E came in ‘ere the other night claimin’ all this an’ that about a slaughter up in them Dannett lands. Accordin’ t’ ‘im, ‘twas the lot o’ you Miridans who done it. ‘E warned us that you lot might be stoppin’ by on your way t’ the tourney down in King’s Landing, an’ when I saw the lot o’ you walk through the door, sportin’ the Miridan sigil an’ all, we became wary. Seems to me the lot o’ you wouldn’ do such a despicable thing though, ‘specially not if you’re travelin’ wit a Lady o’ the Seven.”

Septa Demissus smiled before continuing her questioning. “Were there any other suspicious characters, or anyone else of note, that you recall seeing here in the past few days?” Meg paused a moment before responding. “Well, we ‘ad some no good, ruddy sellswords in ‘ere the other night; I didn’t know ‘em , weren’t from ‘round ‘ere. Don’ get me wrong, their coin was good an’ they kept t’ themselves, but they ‘ad a look to ‘em that made me wary. Anyway, they was sittin’ at the bar drinkin’ away, not botherin’ no one, when some nobleman strode in lookin’ t’ hire ‘imself some sellswords. ‘E hired ‘em an’ they took off wit ‘im.”

“Who was this nobleman? Was there anything distinct about him?” Septa Demissues asked, her voice full of hope. “Oh, yeah, matter ‘o fact, ‘e ‘ad a shield wit an ol’ faded sigil on it, looked like a fox. T’weren’t nothin’ special.” Septa Demissus racked her brain, trying to discern the identity of the House with the Fox sigil. Her eyes lit up when she recalled the details of House Archay. “The Fox Knight” she whispered. “Thank you madam Moleskin, you have helped us greatly.”

“Maybe we should give her some money for all the help she gave us,” suggested Ser Kai in a hushed tone, “A Golden Dragon, perhaps.” “Are you crazy?” whispered Elliot, “That’s far too much! She needs no tip at all for information.” “A Sliver Stag would be more prudent,” advised Ser Harvey Carp, “Dragons cause a stir, Stags are peaceful.” “Ok, a Silver Stag then,” Ser Kai conceded before pressing one into Meg’s hand and thanking her.

“Let’s split up and see if we can’t get some information out of these people,” Suggested Ser Kai, eying the maid sweeping the hallway. “I’ll take the maid there, Ser Harvey will come as well.” “I’ll go see if I can’t find anything out from Dag,” said Elliot, beckoning the rest of the group to follow.

Ser Kai approached the sweeping maid and tried turning on the charm. “Hey there, have you seen any-“ The maid turned away and ignored him and continuing to sweep. Meanwhile, Elliot tried to bargain with Dag for a few Silver Stags to pull information out of him. Dag, cooking a roast at the time, grunted and said that the offer wasn’t large enough, continuing to tend to the roast. Cursing, Elliot pocketed his Stags and allowed the lovely Lyanna Hobbs to seduce him. Entranced, He said that they should speak to his wife, Meg, and that his son Collin was working the stables, that it might be a good idea to inquire if he could give them any other information.

Satisfied with his response, Elliot left the group to speak to Collin, while the rest of the group turned back to Meg to use her as an advantage to get the maid’s attention. The night air was cool outside of Dag’s Inn and Elliot enjoyed it when he walked over to the stables. Once there he noticed a young man standing outside the door, waiting for any other travelers who need a stable for the night.

“Hello Collin,” said Elliot upon his approach, “Your father Dag said that you might be able to help me out with some information. Have you seen anyone suspicious come through here in the past few nights?” “O’ course I seen suspicious people come through here, nothin’ but suspicious people come ‘round here.” Elliot furrowed his brow and said, “Ok, have you seen a knight with a fox shield come through here recently?” Collin’s eyes brightened a little with recognition. “Ah yes, the Fox Knight. Yeah, I seen ‘im here o’ late. I stabled ‘is horse I did. He had six others wit ‘im, mercenaries they was. They was on foot. They took off the next day, headin’ up the way you came from. One of ‘em, a man by the name o’ Dan or Stan, came back ‘round here from that direction this mornin’, askin’ if we had any horses to sell ‘im. I told ‘im we didn’t and he walked off towards King’s Landing. I never seen none o’ them others again though, not even the Fox Knight.”

Back in Dag’s Inn, Septa Demissus persuaded the maid to talk to her. “There was this knight, Terrance I think he said, who was hittin’ on me all night, boastin’ aboot his sword. I was shocked to find oot he weren’t talkin’ aboot the one between his legs. Apparently he were a knight once under Stannis Baratheon and he showed me a sword with a stag crest on it. I knew it weren’t one o’ King Robert’s neither since it had no crown, so I took him at his word. He said he’d left years back but kept the sword. He was runnin’ with that Fox Knight now. After I dismissed his advances ten times or so he finally left me be.”

After they thanked the maid for the information, Elliot returns to the group and explains what Collin told him, in turn learning what the maid had told them. It was at that point that Septa Demissus asked Meg about the cloaked figure in the corner, who had been watching them ever since they first arrived. “Oh, that’s Gareth the Barrel, ‘e’s a regular, ‘e is. ‘E takes odd jobs ‘round ‘ere e’ery now an’ then.”

The group formed around the table where Gareth the Barrel sits as Lyanna Hobbs buys him a drink, seducing him with her wily charms. “Ahem, well, I guess yer not so bad as all I thought. Sorry ‘bout staring, but yer interestin’ is all.” “Can you tell us anything about the Fox Knight?” Lyanna asked with honeyed words. “Ah yeah, the Fox Knight. Bit of a prat that one, arrogant as shit. Anyway, he comes in askin’ fer sellswords, said he’s got an easy job fer ‘em. So bein’ that I like an odd job now and again, ‘specially them that are easy, so I spoke up. He said he don’t want no locals and hired himself a group of sellswords who done stopped in earlier. I’m guessin’ they was headin’ down to the ‘Landing, but they took up his offer and they all took off t’gether. He’s a suspicious one, that Fox Knight, even more‘an you are.” “Thanks me good man,” said Lyanna, playfully running a hand up his arm as she stood up. Enjoy the drink, I enjoyed the conversation.”

The party, now fully informed of the situation at Dag’s Inn, took their meals and retired to their rooms.



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