Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty

Night at the Great Stag

Ser Harvey glanced around the room and noticed that Elliot was not present. “Where the hell is Elliot?” he asked, slightly agitated. “I’ll find him,” offered Gilligan. I have to get the hell out of here anyway; there’s no way I’m guarding this piss-soaked piece of shit. He marched up to the third floor and entered the room to find Elliot sitting in a chair, relaxing with his feet propped up on a table. “Get downstairs, they need you to help guard Hamish,” said Gilligan in a gruff tone before filling him in on the current situation. “So am I on guard duty first or something?” Elliot asked. Gilligan shrugged, “They just want you down there; now get the hell out of my room.”

Fucking prick, thought Elliot as he left the room and heard Gilligan lock the door behind him. He made his way down to their second floor room and was greeted with a sharp look from Ser Harvey. “Ser Kai will take the first shift, myself the second. You needn’t guard him, but we need every sword in case something goes awry.” Elliot nodded his approval, wrinkling his nose at the sharp stench of urine coming from the drunken Hamish.

“Ser Kai, as you are taking the first shift, I will take my rest. Elliot, I suggest you do the same. Elliot nodded, but before heading to his own bed, he approached Ser Kai with a suggestion. “I’d suggest that you keep him drunk. I heard he’s cooperating now, but he might not be so amiable when he sobers up.” Ser Kai nodded his acknowledgement and Elliot headed to bed. Ser Kai checked on Hamish, who was sputtering nonsense in his chair, and he watched him until he passed out. Satisfied that everything was all right, Ser Kai sat on alert, ready in case anyone approached to try to assassinate Hamish.

Meanwhile, upstairs on the third floor, Gilligan slept in his room, undisturbed. In the adjacent room however, Septa Demissus was once again plagued with nightmares. She found herself on the deck of an enormous warship sailing through the rough seas of a severe thunderstorm. Septa Demissus watched as giant waves pounded at the sides, violently shaking the ship. After a few moments she turned toward the stern to witness a new and horrifying sight: rows upon rows of hundreds of pale, headless men rowing the warship in haunting unity. Terrified, she turned and faced the stormy sea again. This time, she noticed that the waves turned into death heads at their peak, tears streaming down their faces. As she stared at the continuous waves of death heads, she heard a large pounding sound coming from the bow. She whirled around to witness a giant faceless oaf shambling toward her carrying a large and filthy, bulging burlap sack. The lumbering oaf stopped, dropping the burlap sack. Hundreds of pale severed heads spilled out onto the deck and turned to face the horrified septa. Once turned, their eyes flicked open and stared at her before opening their mouths in unison and shrieking like banshees. Septa Demissus jerked awake and stared around the room, making sure that none of the severed heads had carried over into reality from her nightmare. She stood up slowly and remained stock-still to assess that she was on solid ground and not the violently rocking cabin of a ship. Satisfied, she opened her window and took in the cool breeze for a few minutes before returning to bed.

Ser Kai sat on a rough wooden stool, wishing that the room had a window so that he could air out the lingering stench of urine, but remained ever vigilant in his duty of guarding Hamish from possible assassination from the Fox Knight or his associates. During a particularly enjoyable recall of one of his previous sexual triumphs, he heard the soft creaking of a floorboard in the hallway outside. Was that…? Hmm, better check it out. Ser Kai stood up and checked the door; it was locked. After unlocking it he poked his head out to check for signs of what made the noise, but saw nothing but shadows dancing in the dim torchlight. Shaken, he closed the door and locked it again, listening intently. Another creak found him waking up Ser Harvey and Elliot. “Ehhhh?” groaned Ser Harvey, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, “What’s the matter? We under attack?” Ser Kai shuffled a foot uncomfortably before he responded, “Uhh, no, I heard floorboards creaking but I didn’t see anything.” Ser Harvey was an inch from backhanding him but decided to restrain himself. “You woke us up, because you heard a noise? Are you fucking kidding me!?” Ser Kai, once again shamed by Ser Harvey, lowered his eyes to the floor. “Are you sure you weren’t imagining it?” asked Elliot, who was now awake. “It could have been any number of things, and footsteps without an owner are highly unlikely.”

Ser Kai insisted that he heard something, so Elliot volunteered to check as well while Ser Harvey fell back into a deep sleep. Once again, only shadows and torchlights dancing in the darkness crossed his field of vision. He made his way down the entire hallway, hand on his sword hilt, but still found nothing. When he returned, he reported that nothing was outside in the hallway. Suddenly, Elliot’s knees buckled and he fell to the floor, passed out. The door began to creak open and a small, stooping figure peered around the corner.

Nubbs! thought Ser Kai as he watched the old crone enter the room; this time she did not mumble incoherent ramblings, but instead she spoke her thoughts aloud. Ser Kai remained frozen in place as she approached slowly, speaking softly. “Fools, fools, fools!” she muttered to Ser Kai, quickly turning away and muttering to herself as though unaware that she was still speaking, “Ser Kai the biggest fool of them all!” She turned back and leaned close to Ser Kai. “Nubbs they call me?” she murmured before she turned away again, “Yes, fitting I suppose, I like, but I must not let them know. Can’t let them know too much, see.” She turned back to Ser Kai, a disturbing smile crossing her lips revealing large gaps between a few cracked and broken yellow and black teeth. “‘Twas yer grandfather’s cock it was, and bloody beach property. And the ejaculate! Oh… Looks like yer carryin’ somethin’ nice betwixt yer legs, like yer grandfather.” Nubbs spat on the floor and squatted, covering the floor beneath her in rancid piss before disappearing through the door.

Elliot, finally regaining consciousness, staggered to his feet, nearly vomiting as the smell of more concentrated piss wafted through the air. He held a hand over his mouth and nose as he approached Ser Kai, who continued standing stock-still. “What the fuck just happened?”



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