Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty

Out of the Marketplace and into the Woods

After finally buying their supplies at the marketplace in Miranport that morning, Elliot Iilar, Gilligan and Ser Kai Miridan and Septa DeMissus returned to Miridan Hall, with a wagon pulled by an ox carrying the bulk of their supplies. Ser Harvey Carp was nowhere to be found. Upon their return, Maester Veers bid Ser Kai to speak privily for a moment. Tentatively, Ser Kai joined Maester Veers in an empty room and inquired as to the nature of the conversation.

“Your Lord father has contracted Greyscale,” Maester Veers told him in a grave tone, “So far I have staved it off as best I can, but I fear even my abilities are no match…I cannot cure him.” An emotional Ser Kai inquired as to how he might help his Lord Father. Maester Veers blinked and cleared his throat. “There are rumors that the Red Priests of Asshai have the power to cure those inflicted with Greyscale. You must go to King’s Landing, find an Asshai priest, and inquire as to how your Lord Father might be cured. One more thing, Ser Kai…you know that your father is a very proud man, he does not want anyone to know of his disease, not even his own kin. I only spoke to you in order to help my Lord, so please do not bring these dark words to the others.” Ser Kai stood in terror at the thought of his father dying of this debilitating disease, but thanked Maester Veers for informing him.

Wishing to confirm the news through his Lord Father, Ser Kai confronted him and asked to speak privily. Once alone, he asked Lord Gitus if what Maester Veers said is true, that he is stricken with Greyscale. Lord Gitus wringed his gloved hands and boldly dismissed the accusations as ramblings, calling Maester Veers “a bumbling old fool.” Ser Kai stood there a moment, reflecting on his word and tone to try to suss out the truth, but he does not doubt his Lord Father’s word. Before he can leave, however, Lord Gitus put the Greyscale issue aside and bestowed upon Ser Kai, as heir to House Miridan, the family’s Valyrian Longsword, Greyfist. Ser Kai accepted it gratefully and thanked him greatly before leaving to confront Maester Veers again.

“My Lord Father claims no such thing,” exclaimed Ser Kai when he was back alone with Maester Veers, “He claims that he is not stricken with the Greyscale, and that your words were merely the ravings of a bumbling old fool. What say you, Maester?” Maester Veers stared at him with contempt, his tone nearly as sharp as Greyfist. “Of course he denies it, he will until it is too late! Your Lord Father is far too proud to admit to such a thing. Let me ask you though…what harm would it bring to find a cure for Greyscale, even if your Lord Father wasn’t afflicted?” Ser Kai let the words set in and nodded, agreeing to seek out the cure despite not knowing who speaks true.

Ser Kai decided that it would be best not to allow the others to see his Valyrian Steel, but as an honorable knight, his ability to conceal lacked much finesse, and all noticed his acquisition of the family blade.

As the party gathered to leave once more, they were introduced to Lyanna, a comely woman and skilled scout who will accompany them on their journey to King’s Landing. At her sight, Ser Kai’s lasciviousness took hold for a moment, running filthy thoughts through his mind at the sight of her. He pushed them aside, however, as they begin their journey into the woods.

It was midday when they entered the woods. They traveled down the road heading to the River Road, which would then lead them to Casterly Rock. After traveling for a while, they realized that this oft-lawless land was eerily quiet. As they cautiously continued, they breathed deep the choking stench of death and saw an ominous gathering of crows amongst the branches of the trees. Lyanna had dismounted when Ser Kai announced, “I’ll come with to check this out,” in an act of reckless gallantry. “As such, I will remain to protect the others,” said Elliot as Ser Kai dismounted from his horse. Lyanna and Ser Kai left the roadside to investigate the source.

They came upon a reeking campsite and discovered six dead bodies, but also six half-starved and feral wolves, feasting upon the carrion. Lyanna and Ser Kai cautiously returned to the party, but the wolves had already seen them and were following, blood and entrails dripping from their mouths. By the time Lyanna and Ser Kai returned, Gilligan had moved into the wagon, while the others remained on horseback. At the sight of the wolves, Septa DeMissues was able to keep the horses calm. The wolves began to half-circle the party, bloodlust in their eyes. They turned their gazes upon Elliot and Ser Kai, determining them the alphas of the party. Elliot was first to react, unsheathing his bastard sword, charging on horseback at the distinguishable alpha wolf and cutting him down, breaking the line of wolves and leaving them without an alpha. Lyanna loosed an arrow, taking out a second wolf, while Ser Kai felled another with an arrow of his own. Gilligan made an effort as well; loosing his arrow into a tree, but by then the pack was slain to half. Accepting their defeat, the wolves turned tail and ran, leaving the party alone to investigate the bloody campsite.

As the party entered the campsite, they noticed that the slain six were lying on bedrolls, and that one was now trampled as a result of Elliot’s charge. Investigation of the other bodies showed that they looked to be tough men, likely sellswords, and that they were all murdered in their sleep, stabbed during the night. Elliot proposed taking their weapons to sell along the way to King’s Landing, while Ser Kai dismissed the notion as “Not the honorable thing to do.” Elliot defiantly picked up the one distinguishable sword from the bunch, a common longsword, but bearing a noble stag crest. Septa DeMissus identified the crownless stag as the crest of House Baratheon on Lord Stannis’ side. Elliot begrudgingly kept it on his person after Gilligan threatened to toss it from the wagon were he to place it inside with the other belongings. Meanwhile, Septa DeMissus, while in favor of a proper burial, understood that they had neither the tools nor the time to do so. Finally, Elliot scooped up the six bags of coin, each containing sixty-six Silver Stags, and distributed them to the party. Ser Kai and Septa DeMissus each refused theirs, not feeling right about taking the coin from the slain, so Elliot keeps two for himself, and hands two bags each to Lyanna and Gilligan.

It was late in the afternoon when the party set out from the campsite, back on the road to Casterly Rock…



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