Beatrice Hill

A bastard born female mummer that juggles knives.


4 Agility
2B Acrobatics

3 Animal Handling

3 Athletics

5 Awareness
1B Notice
1B Empathy
Passive Awareness 16

2 Cunning

3 Deception
1B Acting

2 Endurance
Passive Endurance 8

3 Fighting
1B Fencing

2 Healing

2 Language

2 Knowledge

4 Marksmanship
2B Thrown

3 Persuasion

2 Status

2 Stealth
Passive Stealth 8

2 Survival

2 Thievery

2 Warfare

3 Will

Mummer, Acrobatic Defense, Talented (Marksmanship)

Bastard Born

Intrigue Defense 9 Combat Defense 12

Composure 9 Health 6

Destiny Point 1 Move 4 / Sprint 16


Beatrice Hill was born in Flea Bottom to her prostitute mother Millicent. Her mother has said only two things about her dad, he is a noble and his right eye is green and the left one is blue. When Beatrice was young she would entertain her mothers clients while they waited. This turned into her full time job as a Mummer. Her specialty is juggling knifes but she can do more complex things while using balls.

Beatrice Hill

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