Elliot Iilar


Elliot Iilar

Young Adult – Fighter
Age: 15


Agility: 3….Dodge +1B
Animal Handling: 2….Ride +1B
Athletics: 4
Awareness: 2….Notice +1B
Cunning: 3
Deception: 3
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 4….Long Blades +2B
Language: 3
Persuasion: 3
Status: 4
Will: 2….Courage +1B


Combat Defense:
Base: 9
Armored: 4
Armored with Buckler: 5

Armor Rating: 9
With Buckler: 10

Intrigue Defense: 9
Health: 9
Composure: 9

Base: 4 yards
Armored: 3 yards
Armored with Buckler: 2 yards

Destiny Points: 6 (1 used)
Benefits: Long Blade Fighter I
Drawbacks: Ward

Arms and Armor:

Half-Plate – AR 9, AP -4, Bulk 3
Bastard Sword – -1B, Adaptable
Dagger – Def +1, Off-hand +1
Buckler – Def +1, Off-hand +1, Bulk 1


Elliot is the fourth trueborn son of Lord Alger and Lady Anya of House Iilar. He became a ward of House Miridan at the age of four. He has been training hard to become a knight since he was of an age to train. On the surface, his intentions appear to be to bring glory and honor back to his House, but his true aim is power. As a ward, Elliot understands that he is technically a hostage meant to keep his family’s House in line, but even so, he does not begrudge House Miridan too much; after all, those with power cannot be faulted for using it, and after the fall of the Targaryen dynasty House Iilar lost much of what power it had.

As the fourth trueborn son, Elliot was always envious of his older brothers, because they had a firmer grasp upon the claim to House Iilar than he did. As a ward, he knew that he would never amount to anything if not through determination and ability, so he always trained as hard as he could in preparation to become a knight. Still a squire to Ser Harvey Karp, he is no knight, but he has honed his fighting skills in order to become one as soon as he can. As he grows in strength, Elliot hopes to break free of his wardship. He has set his eyes first upon knighthood and lusts after a Lordship for himself; for eventually, one begins to resent being the claimless child of a powerful noble Lord. Despite his envy towards them, Elliot remembers little of his elder brothers, and he has never met his younger sister Caralyn, who was born after he was taken.

Having heard tales of many famously powerful knights, Elliot decided that the only way for him to gain power is through knighthood, as they have influence and can become very powerful, especially if they become Lords. His inspiration is Lord Tywin Lannister, as he is much more his Liege Lord than Mace Tyrell, the Liege Lord of House Iilar. He may lust for power, but is not so megalomaniacal as to lust after the Iron Throne, at least not at such a young age.

Elliot Iilar

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