Galan Hobbs

Galan Hobbs

Middle Aged – Master of the Hunt
Age: 39


Agility: 3
Animal Handling: 3
Athletics: 3….Strength 1B
Awarneness: 4….Notice 2B; Passive Awareness 22 (+ Cunning from Keen Senses benefit)
Cunning: 2
Deception: 2
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 3
Healing: 2
Language: 2
Knowledge: 2
Marksmanship: 5….Bows 3B
Persuasion: 2
Status: 2
Stealth: 3….Sneak 2B
Survival: 5….Track 1B, Hunt 1B
Warfare: 2
Will: 2


Combat Defense:

Armor Rating:

Intrigue Defense: 8
Health: 9
Composure: 6

Base: 4 yards

Destiny Points: 3 (all 3 used)
Keen Senses (Reroll 1’s for Notice equal to the number of Notice bonus dice, Passive Awareness increased by Cunning rank)
Deadly Shot (All bows and crossbows wielded gain Vicious and Piercing 1. If a weapon already possesses Piercing 1, increase the Piercing value by 1)
Double Shot (Spend a Greater Action to shoot 2 arrows with -1D to each Marksmanship test. May be used against a single target or divided between two adjacent targets)
Drawbacks: Flaw, Athletics; -1D on all Athletics tests

Arms and Armor:

Longbow: -1B, Long Range, Piercing 1 (+1 from Deadly Shot), Two-Handed, Unwieldly
Throwing Knives:
Dagger: Def +1, Off-hand +1


Galan Hobbs and his young daughter Leanna were recruited into House Miridan after Robert’s Rebellion. Galan and his daughter Leanna Hobbs are former residents of the walled town of Stoney Spet. He was a renowned hunter and made his living as such for many years before the Battle of the Bells. His daughter was left to him, abandoned by her mother who wanted nothing to do with her. She was a barmaid whom he’d had a relationship with for several months, but after she found out that she was with child she cursed and left him, remaining at Stoney Sept until the child was born. She left after handing over Leanna as a baby and has not been heard from since. Leanna was raised on animal milk until she could eat proper, and Galan was given much help from the townsfolk, as he was well known and helped keep the area fed.

Technically a bastard child, Leanna could have easily been Leanna Rivers, but the unmarried Galan Hobbs decided to give her his last name, feeling that she did not deserve a bastard’s name. As a supporter of the rebel Robert Baratheon, he was one of the residents who helped keep Robert safe during the battle until Hoster Tully and Eddard Stark arrived with reinforcements. His house was destroyed in the ensuing battle, so he and his daughter stayed with friends until the battle was over.

After the battle, with no viable reason to remain, Galan saw that the troops were headed north to the Trident, and instead took his daughter and turned the other way, heading west. With his superior hunting and fine stealth skills, he was able to avoid trouble with other people and was able to hunt and forage enough food to feed himself and his young daughter in between stays at inns. Without much coin, Galan often paid for their rooms through a combination of freshly hunted meat and pity from innkeepers for his young daughter. Though not all inns took his trade as currency, he was able to stay at enough along the way to keep himself and his daughter rested enough to continue their journey.

Galan Hobbs was always wary while in the Westerlands, as the Lannisters, though they were neutral for much of the war, were thought to be on the side of King Aerys. Even so, Galan figured that as an unimportant citizen they were unlikely to be accosted. Only after hearing of the Sack of King’s Landing by Tywin Lannister did he feel free to try and establish a place in the Westerlands. He thought to gain himself a place of some honor so as to earn a better life for himself and his daughter, so he headed to Casterly Rock to try and gain position of Master of the Hunt under Liege Lord Tywin. They made for Lannisport and remained there until he heard word that Lord Tywin had returned victorious.

After Lord Tywin’s return to Casterly Rock, Galan Hobbs tried to impress him but was rejected as they already had a sufficient Lannister stationed as Master of the Hunt at Casterly Rock. Galan was encouraged however, to inquire at House Miridan, a lesser House who had recently gained Lord Tywin’s favor by providing some troops to the cause of the Sack of King’s Landing. Lord Tywin, as a gesture of goodwill towards both Galan Hobbs for his considerable skills and House Miridan as part of his reward for gaining his favor, sent him along with a letter of recommendation to inquire to be their new Master of the Hunt. After presenting his letter of recommendation and demonstrating his prowess, Galan Hobbs was accepted into House Miridan as Master of the Hunt. He went on to help teach his daughter what he could, helping her develop into a fine Scout.

Galan Hobbs

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