House Dannett

House dannett

House Danett

East, northeast of the Miridan lands sit the lands of their rival, House Dannett. An old House in their own right, with long-standing protection but little renown, they control a region filled mostly with farmers, but they draw sufficient coin. Their standing with House Miridan is especially poor due to their disloyal nature. House Dannett is known to switch loyalties with uncanny timing, curiously finding themselves on the winning side each time. Most recently, House Dannett switched their Targaryen loyalties to that of Robert Baratheon in the middle of the War of the Usurper. They have been caught in duplicitous acts as well, most recently caught by Tywin Lannister himself, plotting to take the Golden Tooth, though without proof the Liege Lord could not justify ridding the Westerlands of their presence.

House Dannett has seen much trouble and more in the decade or so since the death of Lord Alfric Dannett’s wife, not to say that their lot was wonderful before that. Their keep has been decades in disrepair, crumbling before their eyes, and not simply in areas of little use. Lady Dannett well and truly died because of it, after a small portion of the dilapidated keep fell upon her. There are disputes over the divergence of a river to irrigate the Dannett farmlands, and even their crops are plagued with locusts and other pests, putting House Dannett in an even worse position. As damning as these truths are however, Lord Alfric desperately tries to maintain an appearance of strength and wealth.

The crest of Noble House Dannett bears a pomegranate, pierced by an iron sword on a light grey background. Lord Alfric Dannett is father to two trueborn children, Iris and Adham.

His first-born child is his eighteen-year-old daughter Iris, a comely and seductive young woman. She quickly assumed the role of Lady of House Dannett after her mother’s untimely death, and was appalled when her father sold her in marriage to Ruben Piper, a fat old merchant, in exchange for pardon on a part of House Dannett’s debt. Rather than submit to the marriage, she fled her home in the dead of night. She has not been heard from since, her whereabouts unknown

His second-born child and the heir to House Dannett is sixteen-year-old Adham, full of fire and eager to prove his worth in King Robert’s tournament. Lord Alfric sent Adham to be fostered by one of his most loyal knights when he was young, in an effort to shield him from the truth of House Dannett’s deepening poverty and desperation. Adham and his sister Iris were close, and he always believed her to be as stalwart a Dannett as himself. He knows that his father arranged an advantageous marriage between her and Ruben Piper, and he knows that she fled one night, but knows nothing as to her whereabouts. Part of him cannot accept that she would shirk her duties as a daughter and besmirch the honor of their family. He knows House Miridan as an enemy, and believes that they are out to ruin his Lord Father.

House Dannett

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