House Miridan

House miridan gauntlet

House Miridan of Miranhelm Hall

Leige Lord: Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock

Realm: Westerlands

House Words: “No Stone Moved, All Stones Turned”
Current Lord: Lord Gitus Miridan
Current Lady: Deceased
Seat: Miranhelm Hall
Heir: Ser Kai Miridan
Steward: Gilligan Miridan
Bannermen: None
Maester: Maester Veers
Septa: Septa Demissus
Ward: Elliot Iilar
Ancestral Weapon: Greyfist (Valyrian Steel Longblade Sword)
Founder: Miran Stonefist, “Grey Hand”
Founding: Rhoynar Invasion
Current Rivals: House Dannett, The Blood Crabs (Hill based bandit clan)
Current Allies: None


Current Holdings

Defense: 21

  • Miranhelm Hall (Hall, 20)
    Benefit: Defending units gain a +2 to their defense
  • Unspent: 1

Influence: 35

  • Ser Kai Miridan (Heir, 20)
  • Ser Gilligan Miridan (2nd Born Son, 10)
  • Expendable: 16

Lands: 38

  • The Grey Mine Hills (Terain, Hills, 7)
  • Helmcoast (Feature, Coast, 3)
  • Miranport (Feature, Smalltown, 20)
  • Grey Digger’s Road (Feature, Road, 5)
  • The Westreach River (Feature, River, 3)

Law: 5

  • House Fortune Modifier: -10

Population: 12

  • House Fortune Modifier: -5

Miridan Warships, The Gold-Tide Marines
Power: 24

  • Household Guard: The Greycloaks (Trained Garrison, 5)
  • Navy: Warship (7, Flagship: Tidebreaker) The Gold-Tide Marines (Trained Sailors, 7)
  • Special Forces: The Grey-Talon Irregulars (Trained Guerillas, 5)

Wealth: 53

  • Grey Mine (Mine, 10)
    Benefit: +5 fortune rolls
  • Miranport Harbor: (Port, 10)
    Benefit: +5 fortune rolls, +1d6 wealth increase with Marketplace*
  • Miramport Market: (Marketplace, 10)
    Benefit: +1 wealth resource with wealth increase*
  • Stonny Menackis, Master Artisan: (Artisan, 10)
    Benefit: +1 fortune rolls, +1 defense on cover benefits from fortifications, items forged are considered castle forged**, +1 beginning power, other bonuses at narrators discretion
  • Maester Veers: (Maester, 10)
    Benefit: +3 fortune rolls, Maester pc/npc
    Unspent: 3

* This benefit only applies if wealth would increase due to a House Fortune Roll
** Castle Forged weapons are Superior which equals +1 to the result of all fighting and marksmanship tests

Total House Fortune Roll Modifier
+14 Bonus
-15 Penalty
Total: -1/House Fortune Roll

Total Wealth Increase Modifier
Total: 1+1D6/Wealth Increase

From left to right – Leanna Hobbs, Ser Kyle Stilwell, Stonny Menackis, Ser Harvey Karp, and some unfortunate chap

House Retainers
Vassal Knights:
The Troutman Sisters
  • Bryan Troutman (19) (NPC)
  • Meera Troutman (17) (NPC)
  • Perrianne Troutman (15) (NPC)
  • House Miridan

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