House Tyne

House Tyne of Tynar Hall

Leige Lord: Mace Tyrell of Highgarden

Realm: The Reach

House Words: “Neither Rashly, Nor Timidly”
Current Lord: Rodrik Tyne
Previous Lord: Lord Xenos Tyne (Rodrik and Selena’s Father)
Current Lady: Sandara Tyne (Rodrik and Selena’s Mother)
Seat: Tynar Hall
First Born Daughter: Selena Tyne
First Born Son: Rodrik Tyne
Steward: TBD
Bannermen: TBD
Maester: TBD
Septa: None
Ward: None
Ancestral Weapon: TBD (?)
Founder: TBD
Founding: Aegon’s Conquest
History: House Tyne’s History
Current Rivals: TBD
Current Allies: Banner House to House Iilar

Current Holdings

Defense: 20

  • Tynar Hall (Hall, 20)
    Benefit: Defending units gain a +2 to their defense
  • Unspent: 0

Influence: 33

  • Rodrik Tyne (Heir, 20)
  • Selena Tyne (1st Born Daughter, 10)
  • Expendable: 3

Lands: 7

  • Road of the Stretch (Feature, Road, 5)
  • The Expanse (Feature, Grasslands, 1)
  • The Drought (Feature, Stream, 1)

Law: 7

  • House Fortune Modifier: -10
  • Banner Houses typically do not get their own House Fortune rolls

Population: 31

  • House Fortune Modifier: +3
  • Banner Houses typically do not get their own House Fortune rolls

Power: 25

  • Household Guard: The Greenguard (Veteran Garrison, 7)
  • Long Range Defense: The Silent Arrows (Veteran Archers, 8)
  • Cavalry: The Grass Blades (Veteran Cavalry, 10)
  • Unspent: 0

Wealth: 20

  • Master Artisan: TBD (Artisan, 10)
    Benefit: +1 fortune rolls, +1 defense on cover benefits from fortifications, items forged are considered castle forged*, +1 beginning power, other bonuses at narrators discretion
  • Maester: TBD (Maester, 10)
    Benefit: +3 fortune rolls, Maester pc/npc
    Unspent: 0
  • Castle Forged weapons are Superior which equals +1 to the result of all fighting and marksmanship tests

Total House Fortune Roll Modifier
+7 Bonus
-10 Penalty
Total: -3/House Fortune Roll

  • Note, unless specified by the Narrator, Banner Houses do not get their own House Fortune Rolls

Total Wealth Increase Modifier
No Wealth Increase Modifiers

House Retainers

Master Artisan: …

Maester: …

House Tyne

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