House miridan gauntlet

Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty

“Glory drips like questionable seed from the tip of thy sword!”
-Lord Gitus Miridan of Miranhelm Hall

Hi Gang,

Welcome to our new homepage. This is where you’ll find the updated quest log, PC stats, NPC stats, significant happenings, campaign specific items, and everything else that has to do with our first campaign, Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty. I’m an acendant member, meaning I have full access to all available features Obsidian Portal offers and by extension, so do you. I ask that all members of the group make sure that the correct timezone is selected in your profile page so the group calandar functions correctly.

I’ll be sending out occasional newsletters, but as this site serves as the group’s primary communication nexus, I’d encourage all players to check the site on a regular basis and especially on days which events have been scheduled. Although unlikely, you never know when either a cancellation or venue change may occur.

UPDATES 5/3/12

  • This Sunday’s session begins at 5 PM at Sarah’s and I’d like everyone to make a valiant attempt at actually showing up on time. Why the fascist disposition? Well, I’m glad you asked. Season 2 episodes just so happen to clash with our sessions. Luckily, Sarah has HBO and can facilitate our ravenous need to gawk at Emilia Clark’s nude body. Although, I’ve heard rumours that she won’t be sporting the Myraneese, 1 exposed breast, style of dress. But I digress, we’ll game until 8-9 and, thanks to the wonders of DVR, watch the episode.
    *We have another new player joining us for this Sunday’s game. Hands together for Michael Lamont. Michael comes to us from a sin galaxy, wears glasses, and is a sexual deviant. Good Hello, Les Dirty Lamont!
    *I’d like to take an oppurtunity to welcome a new player to our ranks. His name is Erik Neilson (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) and he brings to the table a wealth of gaming experience, a love for the source material, and at least 9 felony convictions. Welcome Erik!
  • Pictures of King’s Landing are here!!!






  • I’ve given our home domain some more depth by adding named characters for our house retainers. As well, Eliot and I have been working on our House’s history going back 3 generations to Lord Miridan’s Grandfather. Keep an eye out for that information on the site and we’ll of course review as a group upon completion.
  • Some mechanics that I’ve added: having an Artisan provides +1 beginning power, player’s can now purchase a Trading Post for 6 wealth. This requires a river. It provides a +1 on influence anytime influence would be increased as part of a house action/event/result of a fortune roll and a +2 increase in wealth when wealth would be increased as a result of a wealth increase
  • I’ve added a unit of Trained Guerillas to our military force. They’re essentially a special forces group and utilize guerilla tactics. They’re named the “The Grey-Talon Irregulars”
  • Everyone should now have a digital copy of the core rule book and campaign guide
  • I will now be awarding 1 destiny point (which can be spent, not burned) to players who suggest and reach sub-goals. For example, we know Eliot has a goal of competing in the tournament even though he is only a squire. he can present an additional sub-goal (something like, reach king’s landing without losing an intrigue)and now gain a destiny point which can be spent on more xp, additonal benefit, etc…
  • I will be awarding players with XP for reading the core book (except chapter 11) by Sunday. Please do, this would be very helpful
    • Thanks Sarah for hosting the last game!! – I thought it was a success even though the encounter was played out in the Dagg’s Inn and 100% intrigue based. Thanks to Sarah’s bad ass Knowledge w/ the education bonus super roll, we found out quite a bit about some of the players involved in the House Miridan frame up. Curses Fox Night!! Curses!!
    • In my opinion, the system we fell into works well.
    o Determine Disposition (liked, indifferent, etc…)
    o Determine Objective – service, bargain, information. We had both bargains and information intrigues if I recall
    o Technique – A lot of seduction and charm went down
    o Actions – rolling the dice
    o Etc…
    • Days of Ice and Fire 2012 – Fantasy Flight Games has just announced the dates for Days of Ice and Fire 2012. May 18th –20th . So, what happens at this event? Glad you asked
    o Regional Game of Thrones Card Game Championship
    o Multiple custom tables using 3D terrain for Battle of Westeros – miniatures game where all the famous battles of the books are played out
    o Multiple tables of the Game of Thrones 2nd edition Board Game. This game was released in November and has been taking the hobby game community by storm. I guess it really captures the themes of the books as far as warfare, diplomacy, intrigue, and treachery
    o Huge Dothraki feast!!!! No I don’t know if they’ll actually be serving horse
    o George himself showed last year. Who knows..maybe another appearance by the man himself
    o All attendees are placed in a noble house and there’s some sort of secret event taking place which revolves around the different houses
    o Tons of other stuff!!

I own all the above mentioned games. Donny and I will be competing in the regional championship. We’re starting to build our own decks and are refining our chops now. We’ll be playing the others prior to the event as well.

Here’s a link to the site. Field trip??? It’s in Roseville, MN at the Fantasy Flight Event Center. This is about 15 min from the Mall of America. We have to go!! How many global events like this occur in our general area? Not many and a global event based on the games of Song which, due to HBO, is reaching Star Trek proportions is kismet


Lord Gitus Miridan
GM – Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty
Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Some SIFRPG resources:

Quick Start RulesPDF format; A nice streamlined version of the play mechanics

House Sheets – Character sheets but for your noble house; PDF; player made and unofficial

Character Archetypes – A few pregenerated characters for you to look at

Green Ronin Official SIFRPG site – All the above, character sheets, and more. Check out the forums and you’ll find some campaign logs of other games being run. It’s pretty cool to see how other games are being played out

Interactive Character Sheet

Tower of the Hand – in my opinion, the most comprehensive site out there for all things Song of Ice and Fire; There’s a nice spoiler filter function. You can select which book you’ve read up to; Chapter summaries; House family tree’s; a really nice heraldry area.

A Podcast of Ice abd Fire – Fucking hilarious unofficial podcast by a tawdry group of fans. I’ve been an avid listner for going on 3 years.


After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Black Motives of a Bleak Dynasty

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